About me.

My design values

Plan first. Iterate fast. Test often. Find the big picture. Get the details right.

Hi! I'm Lucy/Darae (she/hers)

My Korean name equates to kiwi (the fruit); my English name equates to comedy shows and pet names. I've lived primarily in the midwest and South Korea, and before I was a UX designer I was an HR course designer (yes, I made those online ethics courses where you get to be a spy), an ESL teacher in a middle school, and a pharmacy student who did not have an aptitude for chemistry. I live with my partner and my dog in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Outside of work, I like to play with my dog, draw mundane things, read, and write. Some examples of other things I do:

Books during pandemic

In 2020, news and social media is at such a deafening level and I'm finding longer forms of information help me better understand my surroundings.

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Therapist microsite

I took on a small project to create a personal site for a local counselor.

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Cover illustration for UXPA

Since 2019, I've illustrated digital magazine covers for User Experience Professionals Association.

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I'm a huge advocate for visual thinking both inside and outside the workplace.

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Design education

I'm always curious about the process of learning design, both for myself and others.

Discussing design: a workshop

My work experience

Senior user experience designer, hagerty

I am currently working with a team to build a design system, and can be found prioritizing user stories, conducting site audits, belaboring over file versioning systems, writing acceptance criteria, and designing components. 

User experience designer, hagerty

I led design and research for 4 insurance quoting experiences, doing everything from gathering requirements from multiple business units, defining strategy, creating interactive prototypes, usability testing, writing documentation, and acting as design point person for 30+ team of consultants, third-party contractors, and internal developers.

User experience designer, allscripts/nanthealth

A full-stack design role, I conducted usability tests, created html/css/js prototypes, and contributed to a Foundation-based style guide and pattern library.

User experience research intern, mad*pow

I supported the UX research team by analyzing research data, managing interview schedules, affinity mapping, and conducting usability tests.

User Experience Intern, center for health communication and research

I designed a mobile app on peer mentoring, conducted usability tests for a website that helps people choose health insurance plans, and wrote content promoting sexual health for men recovering from prostate cancer.

Graduate student instructor, university of michigan department of communication studies

I taught discussion classes for Media Analysis: Concepts and Methods, a course that surveys critical and qualitative methods for studying media. I helped students explore topics related to media research such as literature reviews, sampling methods, interviews and focus groups.

project coordinator, university of michigan department of psychiatry

I coordinated clinical and technical teams to ensure smooth implementation of a study on the effectiveness of an online counselor on student mental health. I tested revisions and maintained project timelines across 4 universities to adhere to IRB protocols.

multimedia developer, torrancelearning

I created animations, graphics and videos for e-learning courses, using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, and Articulate Storyline.

esl teacher, south korean public schools

I got my first taste of iterative design through 24 one-hour classes a week of classroom teaching with middle schoolers, and became interested in educational technology once I saw its ability to transcend language barriers.

Or email me at leelucia@umich.edu